Derk Reneman is a Dutch artist and graphic designer. His works are united in an ongoing storytelling experiment: the exploration of cultural aesthetics in science fiction, futurology and contemporary mythology […] mostly from the perspective of his musical alias Roberto Auser […] through world building and audiographics. He performs live electronic music using a modular synthesizer.

”My works are part of a grande narrative, an imaginary world […] they can be seen as contextual devices that interface with a different world from another place, from a different meaning … as such my works are reflexive, and, part of a probe into cultural narratology, identity and aesthetics.”

His latest work ’Symbol of a Mountain’ (2020, forthcoming) reflects a quest for the transcendence of duality, a personal journey into naturalism and ecosophy that resonates within a new NOW. Be it what you will, this work can be enjoyed together with accompanying music videos by Marieke de Roos or to support your contemplation and sense of awareness. Discography here and here

For his practice-based research on collaborative design and world building in music production he was awarded an MPhil by the Bournemouth University (2017). As well as a Master of Music by the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) in 2014. Derk has extensive experience in higher education teaching and lecturing in creative research, (collaborative) design strategies and narratology. He currently holds a position as lecturer in Communication and Multimedia Design at the Academy for Industry and Computer Science (AII), Avans University of Applied Sciences, on the Communication and Multimedia Design (CMD) course since 2019. Linkedin

Studio Ausland is a registered at the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) under #24465957 as Studio Derk Reneman