Building Imaginary Worlds

Studio Ausland offers visual design services, typography skills and art direction mostly in the context of print media. Over 10 years the studio has gained extensive experience in designing books, posters as well as printing techniques — silkscreen printing in particular. The studio specialises in sound and image for storytelling and time-based media. The studio creates and produces assignment music, soundtracks, scores, and sound design for your (moving) image.

Derk Reneman (alias Roberto Auser) is the founder and owner of Studio Ausland (also known as Studio Derk Reneman). Derk has been working as a graphic designer, musician and artist since 2003. In addition, he currently holds a position as a lecturer in Communication and Design at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (HU), in the Communication, Multimedia and Design department since 2010. He has been lecturing at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and at the Music & Technology department of the Utrecht School of Arts (HKU) on several occasions.

Studio Ausland is home of Ausland Records and the weird wide wonder world of Roberto Auser: Planet Ausland. Roberto Auser (Derk Reneman) hails from Intercity, Ausland (uncharted) a post-metropolitan city in a fictive nation state. Paints a picture and creates a story world with music and images. Building an imaginary world has allowed new and surprising collaboration to emerge. Film, music, record sleeves, posters, performances, are all starting points to engage with the weird wide narrative world of Ausland. Roberto Auser music and productions have been released through several renowned record labels such as Viewlexx, Enfant Terrible, Vrystaete, Pinkman, Charlois, Bearfunk (UK), Das Drehmoment (GER) and Nature (IT).