Darkness Walks (Musical Multimedia)

Roberto Auser presents the second instalment on his independent label. Auser and his team combine music, video, artwork and performance creating a mind-bending experience. Disturbing, horrific and liberating at the same time … touch your fear! ‘Darkness Walks’ is a new album performed by the Roberto Auser Trio. The term album was deliberately chosen here. It […]

Het Steiger (Book)

Book design for Kees Vollemans and Constance van Duinen, commissioned by 1001publishers, 2007. Printed in offset, full-colour, engineered waterdamage, stills from Von Barsie movie, additional pictures by Piet Rookprinted by Drukkerij De Maasstad, design by Derk Reneman & Manuela Porceddu. ‘The book claims to be the first in dutch bookshops with designed water damage’