Studio Ausland /
Derk Reneman

Studio for sound and vision – music and audiovisual works, multimedia, documentary and live scoring, graphic design and art education since 2003

Currently based in Arnhem
Previously based in Rotterdam, Utrecht area

Teaching Communication and Multimedia Design in Den Bosch @Avanshogeschool
Guest teacher at HKU Music Technology, Utrecht

Expected / in production ... 
  • Flush / Spy Satellite 7” (in production, UK)
  • Untitled contribution, Netherlands
  • Untitled album, Netherlands
  • Untitled EP, Hungary
  • Untitled Cassette, Netherlands (Ausland)

Out now! 
  • Imperative/Man With Dead Leg EP,  Gooiland Elektro / Enfant Terrible Records (NL)
  • Desire / Bois Des Dames EP, 10” lathe cut, collab with Etch Wear (Norway)
  • L’Usine à L’Etranger, CD album with De Fabriek, collaboration (NL, 2022)
  • Touch Your Fear LP, album for Lunatic Reocrds (Germany, 2022)

Selected Performances
  • Marc Meets - Theater Aan De Slinger, Houten (NL) with Marc van Vugt, Ineke Vandoorn, Mark Alban Lotz, Wouter Gulikers (2022)
  • performance for IFM Festival (2022)
  • Marc Meets - Theater Aan De Slinger with Marieke de Roos, in collaboration with stichting Baixim (2021)
  • performance for SEER Radio (2021)
  • Stichting Picture in collaboration with Manuela Porceddu (2020)
  • performance for IFM Festival (2020)
  • Ujazz Tivoli with Marc van Vugt and Ineke Vandoorn (2019)
  • ET Label Night at Urban Spree, Berlin 2019 (D)
  • Specka Club, Femur Night, Madrid 2019 (ES)
  • La Peligro Club LEX, Valencia 2019 (ES)
  • See more performaces here

Selected Publications and Releases
  • Second Sun, album for Dalmata Daniel Records (Hungary, 2021)
  • Fracht01, compilation for Lunatic Reocrds (Germany, 2021)
  • Symbol of a Mountain, album for private label (2020)
  • Love and Saucers, album for private label (2020)
... full discography here 

  • Master of Philosopy, Mphil 2017 (Bournemouth University)
  • Master of Music, Mmus 2014 (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht)
  • Starter Stipend.2006 (BKVB)
  • Red Bull Music Academy 2006 (RBMA)
  • Starter Stipend.2003 (BKVB)