Studio Derk Reneman
a.k.a.Studio Ausland ... 

Electronic experimental and experiential psychedelic music ... audiographics, motion picture and performance ... graphic design and art direction
... appears as Roberto Auser, Kaval, Bardar, The Wheel of Rituals, Silver Age People

Arnhem, 2021

Building imaginary worlds, then and now ...forgotten and elsewhere

Derk Reneman — Dutch musician, visual artist and graphic designer known for his works on record labels Enfant Terrible, Viewlexx, De Fabriek and Planet Ausland (private).

Power of a Ritual (2020) is a single of the album Symbol of a Mountain

A Case of Blistering Ignorance (2020)

My Mind to Your Mind (2020)

For his research on world building and collaborative design strategy in music production Derk was awarded a Mphil by  Bournemouth University (2017) and a Mmus by HKU (2014). 
His prolific works are united in an ongoing storytelling experiment: his musical alias Roberto Auser and the exploration of cultural aesthetics regarding science fiction, futurology and contemporary mythology 
[…] through what he calls audiographics, visual philosophy and world building. He performs live electronic music using his modular synthesizer.

Darkness Walks (trailer 1, 2013)

Ausland ... oasis in the Babylon of information ... as an artist I am an explorer ... my musical personality has become uprooted and arrived here with profound amnesia.

Darkness Walks (trailer 2, 2013)

In order to recreate my history and find my roots, I compile memories of a fictional country, another place in in other time ... through audio and visual collage, sound design and performance art, printed matter and motion picture.

Sandbergen (2015) is a signle for the album The New Dimension (Ausland records)

Avalon performed live at Urban Spree (Berlin) for Enfant Terrible (2019)

Derk has been teaching commucation and multimedia design at CMD Den Bosch (Avans) and CMD Hogeschool Utrecht (2010-2019)